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Friday, May 30, 2008


Howdy all.

I am recovering nicely from my surgery of May 14. My range of motion is very good and most of the pain is gone, though coughing and sneezing remain somewhat problematic. I am hoping to resume my working out in July.

I have done most of the basic interface work for The Catholic Legate's website re-design. You can compare their present page with the one I'm building for them. The in-progress one I'm building will not look quite right on Internet Explorer 6; IE6 has quite a few bugs and yips that I need to write special code for. It looks quite good on IE7, Firefox, Safari, etc. The menus work (they drop down and "fade in"), but they do not link to any content yet.

Tom has finally returned to blogging. You can check out his post below.

More to come.


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