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Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank you Irish Rover

In my letter to Father Jenkins criticizing his decision to bestow upon President Obama an honorary degree, I made this assertion:

The most prominent Catholic university in America honoring the most pro-choice President in history will serve to legitimize pro-choice policies in the eyes of the Catholic faithful. No nuanced explanation about honoring the President for his other accomplishments will mitigate the scandal.

Greer Hannan's article in the Irish Rover explains why that statement is true. (go to page 3 of the PDF)  Here is the crux of her argument:
The sophists have hijacked our political culture, so that politicians’ rhetoric has overcome dialogue, and the projection of images has overcome complexity. Honoring Obama at Notre Dame provides an opportunity for the President to make the visual statement that his political life is laudable to the Catholic Church. Such an honor is particularly pernicious because Obama’s rhetoric of hope and change was based on his emphasis on social justice, but he takes an approach the Catholic Church cannot endorse. In a society where the projection of image through modern technology threatens to obliterate the search for truth, Catholics sometimes must call ‘Bullshit’ to particular ideologies in witnessing to the truth.
How can Obama claim to support social justice when he seeks to deny basic human rights to an entire class of human beings simply because they are not wanted?

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