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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Hooking up is like masturbation with a human sex toy."

One has to admire their frankness and honesty.  Unfortunately, the producers of the Midwest  Teen Sex Show (MTSS) do not see hooking up as a bad thing as long as:
  1. You use a condom
  2. You are not emotionally involved (good luck)
  3. You don't make a baby
MTSS, which is aimed at teen, was brought to my attention by my lovely wife.  She heard about it at a Pediatrics lecture about how the media influences kids.  The speaker recommended the site as a positive influence.

When using another human being as "a human sex toy" is seen as something positive, our culture has moved far away from Christ's call to love.  I've heard it said by Christopher West (I think) that the opposite of love is not hate, but use.

The medical community refuses to make moral judgements about the sacredness of sex.  In their view, as long as nobody gets hurt, there is no problem with using human being for pleasure.  Unfortunately, far too often, people do get hurt.

For the parents who are reading this, you may want to check out MTSS to see what the Internet media is feeding your kids.

For the teens who may be reading, when you encounter media like the MTSS realize that you are getting an empty view of sex.  The Church proposes a far richer view of sex as a sacred gift of complete, fruitful and faithful love between a married man and woman.  The Church believe that you were not created to be used, rather you were created to be truly loved.  The MTSS is offering you a Twinkie, while Christ has prepared a five course gourmet banquet for you.  Don't be duped.

Jerry, do you still have room on the ark?



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