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Friday, November 03, 2006

Can't buy me love

Diane at Link 222 recently informed her readership about federal abstinence education dollars being made available to target young adults up to age 29.

I agree with the abstinence message. Young adults would certainly benefit from discovering the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of living chastity before marriage. However, the government is not the best entity to deliver such an important message. I can envision a multi-media advertising blitz picturing beautiful people on billboards claiming “we waited,” or TV and radio spots featuring couples testifying to the great joy waiting has brought to their marriage. These might help plant the chastity seed in people’s minds, but it is likely to falls short of convincing someone to change their behavior.

The only antidote to sex outside of marriage is love, true love, the kind of love that exists between life-long friends and family. The government cannot love you. The change of heart required to live a chaste life must come from somewhere else. Churches and religious communities are in the best position to provide this personal touch. Government money buy do many things, but as The Beattles sing, “it can’t buy me love.”



  • Adult abstinence is even more perverted than homosexuality.

    Listen, Tom, there is no true love. It does not exist. You see, I am twenty-nine years old AND a virgin. For the past eleven years, I have observed other people, INCLUDING MY OWN FAMILY, hooking up while I am being left out. I used to think a woman would love me for whom I am. I was obnviously wrong, and the only way to get laid is by emotional manipulation. I have found, from personal experience, that virginity leads to feelings of shame, rage, frustration, inadequacy, isolation, alienation, despair, depression, and suicide.

    It is sick that the government would spend money promoting this perversion.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, December 01, 2006 8:22:00 PM  

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