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Sunday, September 03, 2006

There's no such thing as a bad W

So said Charlie Weis after Notre Dame's less-than-stellar defeat of Georgia Tech (source). I completely agree. In fact, I'm glad the Irish just squeaked by GT. ND's ranking might fall, but the pressure of being the #2 team will ease a little, and the specter of overconfidence will be held at bay. Besides, I much rather ND be #2 at the end of the regular season than at the beginning. Am I happy with ND's performance? Not really. I'm relieved they won, but they did not look good. The offensive line could not protect Brady Quinn and Notre Dame's powerful offense was held to just 14 points. None of these were good signs, but the team regained their composure late in the first half and looked much better after half-time. Plus, the defense looked much better than last year. One thing that impressed me was coach Weis' testicular fortitude. He called a quarterback draw from the five yard line with 16 seconds and no timeouts left in the half. Had Brady Quinn not made the end zone, the Irish would have gone into the locker room scoreless. But, his gutsy call paid off and the Irish put seven points on the board. Late in the fourth quarter Charlie Weis elected to run another quarter back draw with fourth and one from the GT 46 yard-line. Had the play failed GT would have been a first down away from field goal range. But the gamble paid off and the Irish retained possession for the rest of the game. Big brass ones Charlie. That's the kind of play calling I like to see.



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