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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Monastic Youth

Diane received a press release claiming "a rapid rise in sales of traditional Catholic oriented merchandise to 16-25 year olds." It seems young catholics are interested in the medieval traditions of the Faith. The release continues:

Case in point, an online retailer called MonkRock ( A kind of Urban Outfitters-Catholic goods fusion run by traditionally-minded Catholic youth.

Monk Rock seeks to promote monastic values to young people. Their website professes love of the caritas variety:

This love, or better said, charity understands that man is free only to do good, that reason and not the senses are to inform the will, man is only as dignified as he conforms himself to Truth, inequality is a necessary good, distinctions reflect Order, modesty is beautiful, suffering is salvific, this world is not our home, and all, according to their station in life, are called to live the life of monks.

They are not the only youth into the medieval. Some Notre Dame students have a taste for the traditional. The Sober Sophomore is one example. She designed this nifty logo:

I would be remiss not the mention The Shrine of the Holy Whapping in a post about young traditionalists. There are others, and I may mention them from time to time. These may be indications that members of Generation Y are growing up to be more orthodox than their boomer and gen X parents. One can hope.


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