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Monday, October 09, 2006

Why all the hatred?

UPDATE: The moderators at the atheist website deleted my comment. So much for tolerance.

I wasted some time exposing myself to the hatred at God Is For Suckers. I had to comment on a post about an documentary called "Jesus Camp." The commenters were furious at the way some christians were passing the faith on to their children. Here is what I wrote:

Lets review what some commenters have said about Christians on this thread:

“Anyone who sees this movie and thinks that it tells the truth or what is really supposed to be going on in this world needs to be shot!” - Truth

“That fat bitch in the movie should be harvested for lamp oil.” - Jimmy Dean


“Hmm. How ’bout we fence in North Dakota, tranq dart [christians] by the truckload, and release them in to the new ‘New Christendom’. They could build sodhouses, grow wheat, and proselytize each other to their hearts content? We might also want to cropdust with some sort of aerosol birth control to keep them from overrunning the fences- like the rabbits in Australia.” - Raindogzilla

“Oh, and to keep with the theme of this site, Christians are f–king stupid!” - James

I have not seen the “Jesus Camp” film myself. As a more moderate Christian, odds are I might find it somewhat appalling. That being said, how can you hold such hatred toward your fellow human beings? Isn’t there something about being human (no matter what your race, religion, ethnicity, sexual desires, etc) that demands a certain dignity? Or is the belief that we should respect (dare I say love) other people, even when we disagree with them, just a Christian thing?

- Tom

"If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first." - John 15:18


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