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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I have to confess a guilty pleasure. I enjoy playing first person shooter video games with my friends. I should probably avoid the digital violence, but then it wouldn't be a guilty pleasure. A catholic mom wrote an article about this subject. Surprisingly, she had nothing bad to say about guys getting together to play war games. She writes:

At this moment, I realize anew how thoroughly the male sex must be hard-wired for war. It’s a good thing they have computer games and sports for an outlet or the bloodletting would be nonstop.

She even approves:

I have often criticized computers because sometimes people spend more time interacting with a monitor than with their own families. But as I see buddies, sons and dads all playing together I may have to revise my former criticism and welcome this new method of male bonding. It’s just another way for a father and son to shoot hoops or play catch, only maybe more fattening.

I certainly don't think video games should replace outdoor activities. If anything, our children need to be outside more. But, as the video game generation grows up and has kids of their own, we're seeing cops and robbers move from the back yard into the living room. Time Splitters, Halo and Doom are a few of my favorites.

I certainly agree with her observations of a LAN party. During my last deployment with my squadron, we set up 16 person HALO games. Yes, grown up, college educated, combat aviators enjoy blowing off steam with a good "shoot 'em up" video game.


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