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Friday, January 20, 2006

World of hurt...and elephants...

On Monday I will begin posting, in installments, a transcript of the great debate "Titanic: Great Movie Or Gaping Suckhole Of A Movie". I had planned starting today, but this week was my first with my new personal trainer, and I am so sore that it hurts to move.....or think....or breathe....

I had planned on waiting on commenting on the whole "Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism" question for a while, but in light of the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano's announcement that the Church doesn't consider the "Intelligent Design" stuff to be scientific, I thought I'd make a comment. It didn't really suprise me, and I agree with their position (for reasons that I'll go into in later posts). Those (Christian, non-Christian, and/or atheist) who fear (or, in the case of atheists, hope) that Darwinian evolution eliminates the need or role of God in the creation, design, and continual involvement in the universe are, quite frankly, kidding themselves. I would be willing to concede every last scientific point of Darwinian evolution-by-natural-selection (though many of its points, Darwinians will concede, have not been proven and some probably never will be), and there would still be some very large and some unslayable elephants in the room.....

But more on that later....


  • Spot on on the ID debate. It's a intellectual tempest in a teacup ... and I'm glad that the Church has weighed in on the reasonable side of the debate.

    The idea that ID is a "science" is lunacy. Demanding recognition for such a farce makes L. Ron Hubbard look like a mainstream philosopher.

    For what it's worth, I'm surprised that ID has been as big of a deal as it has been, because from a strictly literalist point of view, it's no closer to the Genesis creation stories than Darwin. Therein, I think, lies the suspicion that ID is really just a trojan horse for eventually mandating that Biblical creationism be taught in a public school near you.

    By Anonymous Matt Foley, at Tuesday, January 24, 2006 12:17:00 AM  

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