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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Here I Am

Here we are in the second week of Ordinary Time. The theme of the week seems to be God's calling of His servants. Sunday's reading told of Samuel and his famous answer, "Here I Am." The Gospel spoke of Jesus calling the Apostles. Today's reading chronicled the calling of King David. The responsorial psalm proclaimed, "I have found David, my servant." In light of all this, I could not help reflecting on my own vocation. At a friend’s suggestion I read Dan's discernment story. It is moving account of listening, struggling and surrendering. Dan writes, "It would not be easy, and certainly not free from worldly concerns, but by giving up a family for God I would also be gaining something far more beautiful in my eyes. My life would indeed be a joy...It was then that I knew that I had really been given the grace to love my vocation." To anyone still discerning, I recommend reading Dan's story.


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