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Friday, September 11, 2009

Guest Blogger S. Kunkbear Responds To My Earlier Post

As a response to my earlier post, I have offered to a Michigan fan a chance at a rebuttal.  I present to you S. Kunkbear and his response:


Man, Michigan is so much better this year, and you guys got sooooo lucky last year when we fumbled 6 times!  I mean, this freshman QB Tate Forcier is the REAL DEAL!  We can tell by a few plays he made in his one half of college football experience that ND will have a hard time containing him, let alone stopping him! This one play, he pointed to his wide receiver where to go and then threw the ball there.  Goddammit, man, you just can't teach that kind of field-generalship!  On the other hand, the jury's still out your QB, Jimmy Clausen.  Will he ever live up to the hype?  I mean, on a couple of the 7 incompletions he's thrown in his last 40 some-odd attempts over his last two full games, the ball was up to 8 inches away from the receiver's hands!

And, hey, former Syracuse coach Greg Robinson is coaching Michigan's know what that means: it'll be the 2008 Syracuse game (a 24-23 ND loss) all over again for Notre Dame this Saturday....I mean other than that your receiver Floyd is healthy and ND has an offensive line coach who seems to have gotten through to his charges on how to block and not commit stupid penalties and that Jon Tenuta is now ND's defensive coordinator and that ND's players seem to have a completely different mindset from last November....other than that, it's just like last year's Syracuse game!

And Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez OWNS Jon Tenuta!  I mean, you see what his experienced and durable West Virginia QB and running back combination did to Tenuta's Georgia Tech defense 3 years ago, right?  Good thing Tenuta doesn't have, like, you know, one of them fancy video-watching machines or anything to make some adjustments on how to attack RR's amazing scheme!  Nope, Rodriguez's QB will be just like West Virginia's was that day....except white....and a couple of years younger....and with only one half of college experience....and his main running back won't be completely healthy.....but other than that, deja vu for Tenuta, man!!

Oh, man, can't wait to see Forcier - and maybe that other freshman QB who moves faster than an unsubstantiated rumor does through the lips of an ESPN commentator - running Rodriguez's offense against that slow, unathletic Irish defense.  You know, that offense that relies on quick reads, decisions, and pitch-outs by the QB, and can result in him getting leveled on a regular won't be at all like it was for that Nevada QB you played against last week - that upperclassman who, when he finally got his team inside ND's 10 yard line, made his pitch-out too soon and too far behind his running back in a panic because he didn't want to have his head taken off and his spleen shooting out the back of his ribcage by a hit from some deceptively fast-closing white guy (#22 I believe it was), resulting in an Irish fumble recovery....not at all, man!  'Cause as I said, Forcier's the REAL DEAL!  He's got POISE, and I'm sure he took plenty of hits from guys with 21-22 year-old physiques in high school.

Yessiree, Michigan's primed for this one like a Bo Schembechler-coached Rose Bowl** team!  This one won't even be close!

S. Kunkbear


** - For those who don’t know, in his 21-year stint as Michigan head coach (1969-89), Schembechler took Michigan to ten Rose Bowls, and UM was favored to win seven of them.  They won two.


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