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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Reducing Abortions: Piling on More Evidence (a.k.a. Beating a Dead horse Deader)

Many pro-choice organizations court the Catholic vote by saying they are in favor of making abortion rare eventhough the want to keep it legal.  In fact, you can spot a liberal Catholic if they speak of life issues in terms of "reducing abortion rates," while a pro-life Catholic will speak in terms of "protecting life."

Some have contended that an Obama presidency would reduce abortions more than a McCain presidency.  I challanged that contention in an earlier post.  Since then I found a Whitherspoon Institute study (hat tip to Dawn) that further supports my view.  While pouring over years of CDC data, Dr. New discovered that welfare programs and social safety nets had little effect on abortion rates.  But abortion restrictions like informed consent, parental notification and parental consent laws has a significant effect.  It is doubtful, therefore, that an Obama presidency would reduce abortions.

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