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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thanks to Our Military Chaplains

Father Neuhaus' homily at the annual Memorial Mass of the Military Vicariate is a fine tribute to those called to the vocation of priesthood in the military. Here is an excerpt:

To you, the chaplains of the armed forces—past, present, and future—is owed an immeasurable debt of gratitude. You are the nation’s good servants but God’s first; and you are the nation’s better servants because you are God’s first. In the midst of the clashes of the principalities and powers of the present age, you have been “clothed with power from on high” to bear witness to the One who was and is and is to be.

To those in battle, to those preparing for battle, to those bearing the wounds of battle, and to those who love them, you bear witness. Your only power, our only power, is the power of witness. We should want no other. We need no other. “Amen, come, Lord Jesus.” Amen.

I would like to especially honor Father Chad, Chaplain Captain, United States Air Force. Thank you for your service to God and country.


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