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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Amnesty International Supports Abortion

Ryan T. Anderson reveals, "Amenesty International's Dirty Little Secret." If what he says is true, then it is a sad day for the human rights organization. They have allegedly decided to support abortion on demand. Thousands of catholics support AI's work. It is a shame that another otherwise worthy cause is forcing good Catholics to face the hard choice of quitting an organization they once respected or promoting abortion on demand.

I hope catholics stand up to AI and withdrawal all of their support. If every Catholic in AI did so, I am certain the policy would be reversed. An organization which gets so much support from Catholics cannot afford to alienate them.

Unfortunately, many catholics will be tempted to simply ignore the policy and give AI a pass. They will want to say AI does so much good elsewhere that their policy of supporting abortion can be ignored. This is a time Catholics can make a real difference by standing up for the Truth. This is a time Catholics can send a message that nothing is more important to human rights than protecting the rights of the most helpless and the most innocent to life.

Pray that Catholics and all people of good will do indeed take this opportunity to stand up for life.



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