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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Reason 4,137 I love Notre Dame...

Troy Smith, the Heisman winning QB from THE Ohio State University, was lauded all season for having overcome "adversity". What adversity had he overcome? Committing a felony for starters, then being NCAA ineligble for a stint for (being caught) taking money from a booster**. Is it really "overcoming adversity" if you're just suffering the consequences of your own actions?

Troy Smith overcame more adversity as he made a return trip to a famed NYC strip club on Monday:

(From the New York Post)
Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith celebrated his Heisman Trophy by dancing in the middle of the 40/40 Club following Saturday’s (12/9/2006) awards ceremony; he then paid a repeat visit to Scores East Side on Monday night. The dancers hailed Smith as a generous tipper. “He will be a great pro,” Scores Girl Kendall said. “He’s got it. He’s a natural leader. I can tell.”

Oh, he’s a generous tipper? Surprising that an Ohio State player known for taking money** from boosters is flush with cash.

**Note: For those who don't scour the college football blogs as much as I do, that "Ohio State players take money from a boosters" is pretty much common knowledge, and not even disputed by Ohio State fans. Sadly, the NCAA infractions committee seems to be, for the most part, uninterested in pursuing it.

Where was Irish QB Brady Quinn, who was also at the Heisman ceremony that Saturday eve, on the following Monday? Back at ND, studying for a final for a class in one of his two majors (Business and Political Science).



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