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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Reasons 4,135 and 4,136 I love Notre Dame....

A peak into the life of the USC student-athlete...

Quoting from a recent Scout article about a recruit visiting to USC:

"A lot of people on the staff were helping me out and giving me good advice on selecting a major that would not interfere with football, which is huge."

Or this special glimpse of life for the prospective student-athlete at Texas A&M:
“They take care of you down there,” Aggie recruit Terrance McCoy said. “I know from my brother (also an Aggie football player) that they keep your pockets full, give you plenty of money…"

If McCoy had stopped at “give you plenty of money,” you could possibly convince yourself that this could theoretically mean scholarship funds for living expenses. But “pockets full?”

Thank you Notre Dame, requiring your athletes to have real majors and not stuffing their pockets. It makes it that much easier to be an enthusiastic alum and fan....



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