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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Power

I have to give it up to Sarah Palin. She brought down the house at the RNC. Katie, my beautiful wife, was sold when Palin said she would be an advocate for special needs children. I loved how Palin humorously took the Obama platform apart. There will be plenty of blog and media coverage to give you the rundown of the speech.

I want to highlight one portion of Palin's remarks that struck me personally. She quoted Colonel Thomas Moe, who was a POW with John McCain. Col Moe was also my Professor of Aerospace Studies at Notre Dame. For you non-military types, he was the Air Force ROTC commander in charge of all of the cadets. Before I left for pilot training, he gave me a "remove before flight" streamer. He told me to remove my ego and my pride before stepping into the cockpit. He is an outstanding exemplar of professionalism and humility. His story of courage is truly inspiring. To learn more about Col Moe's, check out his autobiographical article in Notre Dame magazine. I still have a printed copy of the original issue. It is well worth the read.

God, Country, Notre Dame.

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