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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So we like quizzes, do we ? OK.....

...I have a doozy of a quiz for everyone (read: the 3 or so people that read this blog). It's a sports quiz that I made for Lynda last fall, mostly for laughs, and also to see if she would actually do it. (As you can see, I have way too much time on my hands.....) To date, she hasn't finished it, or even started on it...not that I blame her. Can anyone help her out?

Jerry's Super Hard Sports Quiz For Lynda


Your score: __________

0: You’re a girl
45 – 5: Good guesser
75 – 50: Great guesser
105 – 80: Google is wonderful, isn’t it?
135 – 110: Sports Babe (Dinner on me)
155 – 140: Hot Sports Babe (Nice Dinner on me)
175 – 160: Super Hot Sports Babe (Really Nice Dinner and Movie on me)
200 – 180: Will you marry me?

1. (5 points) I’ll start with an easy one. February 22, 2005 will be forever remembered in the annals of history for a historic dating event: the first date of Jerry and Lynda. 25 years earlier, on February 22, 1980, a historic sports event took place. What was it?


2. (15 points) In the movie Rudy, Sean Astin (Rudy), Charles Dutton (Fortune the Groundskeeper), Ned Beatty (Rudy’s dad), Lilly Taylor (Rudy’s girlfriend), and Robert Prosky (Fr. Cavanaugh) all were established Hollywood actors and all filled major roles in the film. Jon Favreau, who played D-Bob, Rudy’s friend at ND, would later become a star in his own right in movies like “Swingers”, “Very Bad Things”, and host of other movie starring and co-starring credits. Many smaller roles were filled by various obscure actors and Notre Dame students, particularly the football team in the movie, which is comprised of almost entirely ND students. However, one player on the movie team, an unknown Hollywood actor at the time, has since gone on to be one of the bigger stars in Hollywood today (he co-starred in one of last summer's biggest box-office movies, and was in another popular summer movie in a supporting role). Who is he?


3. (5 points) Getting tickets to major sporting events can be both difficult and expensive. For which of these events, year after year, is it both the easiest and least expensive to get last minute (or last couple of days) tickets for?

Super Bowl ______

World Series Game ______

NBA Finals Game ______

NCAA Basketball National
Championship Game ______

College Football National
Championship Bowl Game ______

NHL Finals Game ______

Bonus (5 points): Why is it so easy/inexpensive to get tickets for this contest?

Answer: _________________________________________________

4. (10 points) Joe Montana quarterbacked the San Francisco 49ers to 4 Super Bowl championships in the 1980’s and is generally considered one of the finest quarterbacks to every play the game. Before his NFL career, Montana starred at Notre Dame, leading the Irish to the 1977 National championship and numerous come-from-behind victories, including the famous 1979 Cotton Bowl comeback win over Houston. However, which of the following is true of Montana’s college career?

_____ he was never once a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team All-American
_____ he never received a single Heisman vote
_____ he was not a first round draft pick
_____ he neither holds nor set any Notre Dame passing record
_____ all of the above
_____ none of the above

5. (20 points) The TV network ESPN Classic shows classic sports contests from years gone by. These games cover an expansive time span, from (for example) boxing in the 1940’s to baseball in the 1950’s to college football from the 70’s and 80’s to recent games. However, two games that get shown quite often happened on the same day: October 15, 1988. What two games were they, and why are they shown?


Game 1: ________________________

Why? __________________________________________

Game 2: ________________________

Why? __________________________________________

6. (15 points) From time to time, a professional sports franchise will leave a city and move to another. The owner will decide he wants a new stadium or a better deal from the city, and when he doesn’t get it, will move the franchise. Such moves often cause heartbreak to the longtime fans of the city that was abandoned. Some franchise moves in the last 25 years:

Montreal Expos moved to Washington DC

Kansas City Kings moved to Sacramento
New Orleans Jazz moved to Salt Lake City, Utah
San Diego Clippers moved to Los Angeles
Vancouver Grizzlies moved to Memphis

Oakland Raiders moved to LA, then back to Oakland
Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis
St. Louis Cardinals moved to Phoenix
Los Angeles Rams moved to St. Louis
Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore (became Baltimore Ravens)

Atlanta Flames moved to Calgary
Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas (became Dallas Stars)
Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver (became Colorado Avalanche)
Hartford Whalers moved to South Carolina (became Carolina Hurricanes)
Winnepeg Jets moved to Phoenix (became Phoenix Coyotes)

However, there is one professional sports franchise that neither can nor will ever move to another city. What is that team and why can’t/won’t they move?


7. (15 points) In 1984, guard John Stockton of Gonzaga and forward Charles Barkley of Auburn were both drafted in the first round of the NBA draft, Stockton by the Utah Jazz and Barkley by the Philadelphia 76ers. Both:

· were considered to be questionable picks (Stockton too slow and white, Barkley too small)
· enjoyed long careers – Stockton retired in 2003, Barkley in 2000.
· were perennial All-Stars.
· will be first-ballot Hall of Famers.
· were named to the NBA’s 50 All-Time Greatest Players list in 1997
· won gold medals as members of the 1992 and 1996 USA Olympic Basketball team
· never won an NBA championship
· led their teams to the NBA Finals (Stockton in 1997 and 1998, Barkley – with the Phoenix Suns – in 1993) only to lose to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in 6 games each time

However, there is one other distinction they share, an event that happened to both of them in June of 1984. What was it?


8. (10 points) Many players in baseball learn little tricks to help certain umpire calls go their way. Catchers catch a pitch outside the strike zone and quickly jerk the glove into the strike zone to fool the ump. Outfielders will sometimes trap a ball against the ground (not an out) but then place the ball in the top part of the web of their glove (called “snowconing”) to make it appear as though they caught it for an out. The Chicago Cub outfielders, when playing in Wrigley Field, are taught to do something when the opposing batter hits a long shot to the outfield wall. What are they taught to do to fool the ump?


9. Nicknames: Provide the nicknames for the following athletes (4 points each):


Larry Bird _______________
(Boston Celtics 1979-1993, Hall of Famer)

Earvin Johnson _______________
(LA Lakers 1979-1991, Hall of Famer)

Karl Malone _______________
(Utah Jazz 1985-2003, Future Hall of Famer)

Jason Williams _______________
(Sacramento and Memphis, 1998-present)

Gary Payton _______________
(Seattle and LA Lakers 1990-2005,
Future Hall of Famer)


Randy Johnson _______________
(Pitcher, played on numerous teams,
currently with New York Yankees,
Future Hall of Famer)

Bill Lee _______________
(Pitcher, played on numerous teams,

Ted Williams _______________
(“Quite simply, the Greatest Hitter Who
Ever Lived”, Boston Red Sox, 1939-1960,
Hall of Famer)

Joe DiMaggio _______________
(Most popular and highly regarded player
from the great Yankees teams, 1936-1951,
Hall of Famer)

Frank Thomas _______________
(Numerous teams, most famously with the
1993 Chicago White Sox)


Billy Johnson _______________
(Houston Oilers, 1974-1980)

Kenny Stabler _______________
(Oakland Raiders 1968-1979, Hall of Famer)

Javon Kearse _______________
(Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles,

Deion Sanders _______________
(Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas 1989-1997)

Walter Payton _______________
(Chicago Bears, 1974-1987, Hall of Famer)

Team and Unit Nicknames:

1960’s – 1970’s Minnesota Vikings Defense _______________

1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers Defense _______________

1970’s Dallas Cowboys Defense _______________

University of Houston men's basketball
teams of 1982-'83 and '83-'84 _______________

1982 Milwaukee Brewers _______________

10. Match these well-known figures of entertainment and politics with their sports backgrounds (2 points each):

_____ Actor John Wayne

_____ Actor Mark Harmon

_____ Actor Dean Cain

_____ Actor and Comedian Bob Hope

_____ President George W. Bush

_____ President Gerald Ford

_____ President Ronald Reagan

_____ Congressman J.C. Watts

_____ Senator Bill Bradley

_____ Senator Tom Osbourne

a. football lineman at Univ. of Michigan
b. coached Nebraska to 3 national football championships
c. cheerleader at Yale
d. football lineman at USC
e. defensive back at Princeton
f. All-American basketball player at Princeton, won NBA title with NY Knicks
g. professional boxer
h. quarterback at UCLA
i. radio sports announcer
j. quarterback at Univ. of Oklahoma

OK, that's did you do? I'll post the answers if I get any correct responses in the comments....


  • This is a hard test.

    1) Here is a wild guess, the NBA All Star game.

    2) Vince Vaugh (too easy)

    3) I'm going to guess the Finals of March madness, because you don't know who is playing until the last minute.

    4) I'm guessing "all of the above"

    5) I had to Google this. How could I forget watching an injured Kurt "The Natural" Gibson hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth to give the Dodgers a win in game one of the world series? Oklahoma also set the NCAA rushing record (768 yards).

    6) The Green Bay Packers, because the team is owned by the town.

    7) They were both drafted in the first round.

    8) I have no idea

    9) Larry Bird - The Hick From French Lick
    E. Johnson - Magic Johnson
    Karl Malone - Mailman
    Jason Williams - White Chocolate
    Gary Payton - The Glove
    Randy Johnson - The Big Unit
    Bill Lee - Spaceman
    Ted Williams - Teddy Ballgame
    Joe DiMaggio - Joltin' Joe
    Frank Thomas - The Big Hurt
    Billy Johnson - White Shoes
    Kenny Stabler - The Snake
    Javon Kearse - The Freak
    Deion Sanders - Neon
    Walter Payton - Sweetness

    I'm spent maybe I'll finish this larer

    By Blogger Tom, at Saturday, February 11, 2006 12:43:00 AM  

  • Tom:

    The ones you got right:

    2 (I didn't know that that one was that easy)

    3 (though you're sketchy on the reason)

    4: Hard to believe now, but true...the All-American quarterbacks for 1978 were Chuck Fusina of Penn State and Rick Leach of Michigan.

    5: You're right on Gibson's HR, wrong on the Oklahoma game. Cna't believe you don't know this one...

    6: Correct. Very good...

    7: Nope, that's stated in the question. This one is actually pretty hard. I should have given more points for this one...

    8: Think about the outfield walls at Wrigley...

    9: Larry Bird: correct; would have also accepted "Larry Legend"

    Right on Magic, Malone, Williams, Payton; Right on Johnson, Lee, Williams (would have also accepted "The Splendid Splinter")...

    Wrong on DiMaggio...Joltin' Joe was one of the nicknames for Joe Frazier, the boxer....

    Right on the football players, and would have accepted "Primetime" for Sanders...

    Good luck on the rest....

    By Blogger Jerry, at Saturday, February 11, 2006 3:47:00 PM  

  • 5. Its not the ND vs. USC game because they played Thanksgiving weekend. It must have been the ND vs Miami game.

    By Blogger Tom, at Saturday, February 11, 2006 10:30:00 PM  

  • My guesses:

    1. (5 points) Miracle on Ice

    2. (15 points) Vince Vaughn

    3. (5 points) NCAA hoops championship

    Less popular than football, played at a neutral site.

    4. (10 points)All of the above

    5. (20 points)

    Game 1: ND-Miami

    Why? Do I need to answer that?

    Game 2: (Guess) World Series game 7?

    Why? Don’t know

    6. (15 points)Green Bay Packers—the town owns the team.

    7. (15 points) Don’t know

    8. (10 points) Pretend to lose the ball in the ivy?

    Larry Bird--Larry Legend (or the Hick from French Lick)
    Earvin Johnson--Magic
    Karl Malone--Mailman
    Jason Williams-- White Chocolate
    Gary Payton--The Glove
    Randy Johnson--The Big Unit
    Bill Lee--Spaceman
    Ted Williams--The Splendid Splinter
    Joe DiMaggio--Joltin’ Joe

    Frank Thomas--The Big Skirt, er, Hurt
    Billy Johnson--White Shoes
    Kenny Stabler –don’t know
    Javon Kearse--The Freak
    Deion Sanders--Neon Deion, Primetime
    Walter Payton--Sweetness

    1960’s – 1970’s Minnesota Vikings Defense--Purple People Eaters
    1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers Defense--Steel Curtain
    1970’s Dallas Cowboys Defense –don’t know
    University of Houston men's basketball
    teams of 1982-'83 and '83-'84 --Phi Slamma Jamma
    1982 Milwaukee Brewers –don’t know

    10. Match these well-known figures of entertainment and politics with their sports backgrounds (2 points each):

    ___G__ Actor John Wayne

    ___H__ Actor Mark Harmon

    ___E__ Actor Dean Cain

    __D___ Actor and Comedian Bob Hope

    __C___ President George W. Bush

    ___A__ President Gerald Ford

    ___I__ President Ronald Reagan

    ___J__ Congressman J.C. Watts

    ___F__ Senator Bill Bradley

    __B___ Senator Tom Osbourne

    By Anonymous Erin, at Monday, February 13, 2006 8:48:00 AM  

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